Supply Chains

Medical Supply Chains
are Broken

There is a huge unmet need for digital in Africa. With its vast geographical footprint, medicine logistics are fragmented. Pen & paper processes and high out-of-pocket costs are a roadblock to health.


At present, 400 million people do not have access to basic medical treatment.


Inefficient supply chains in developing nations force consumers to pay up to 21x compared with developed nations.


On average, 10% of medicines in developing nations are falsified or substandard resulting in millions of deaths per year.

Our Solutions

End-to-end supply chain tracking from manufacturer to patient,
decentralised with blockchain and optimised with AI. 


We ensure that your products reach
the patient on time and safely.

Obtain full visibility by connecting with
all downstream supply chain actors.

We track shipments from source to
patient, add anti-counterfeiting measures
to packaging, and provide metrics to drive performance.


Connect with big-ticket suppliers
to distribute medical products.

Easy to use app ensures your
adherence to international standards
and compliance measures during transit.

Get access to frequent and high-quality work.


Remote health centres & pharmacies experience stock outs.

This is due to limited logistierage and infrastructure. There can be months between shipments.

Our solution allows your mobile phone to plug in to the Kapsule ecosystem. You can then receive the medicines you need, when you need them.


David Chen

A geneticist with over 6 years of experience in B2B development. A panellist at at several international conferences on pharmacovigilance.

Hannan Hashmi

A domain agnostic problem solver with an eclectic skill stack spanning multi-site ops, medicine, law, AI, and fit-tech.

Vinesh Pramlall

Seasoned senior executive at several pharmaceutical companies. During his MBA, Vinesh developed the principles for a solution to the African pharmaceutical supply chain.

Femi Amoo

As a full stack / blockchain developer with 5+ years of experience, Femi has worked in complex cybersecurity and software development projects. Spanning large multinationals like BofA and on behalf of clients while at Atos.

Chia-Ying Tsai

Service Design
Our service designer who has led several healthcare projects in Taiwan and for the UK’s NHS, as well as leading the design process for a mixture of hardware products, professional services and software projects. 

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